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Dove Cameron Reveals An Unexpected Video Of Her Longtime Fellow Before His Sad Death

Dove Cameron Reveals An Unexpected Video Of Her Longtime Fellow Before His Sad Death

Disney star Dove Cameron unearthed a rare video of herself and late Disney kid, Cameron Boyce, on her Instagram page, showing her endless love for and celebrating his 21st birthday.

On June 6, 2019, Descendants star Cameron Boyce passed away suddenly due to a seizure at the age of 20. Disney stars and many celebrities devastated after the young actor’s sudden death.

Dove jumped to social media to celebrate Cameron’s belated birthday and revealed an intimate moment during they were attended in an event.

In the video, Dove gave Cameron an intimate hug while hanging out in an event that took place for the fans. He reacted to Dove’s sincere move and reflected his love for her by wrapping her arms on his neck. The caption of her post that shows her love for the late star is kind and heart-melting. Here’s the caption:

“I will love you forever.”

You can watch the Instagram video below.

The beautiful actress was interviewed by ‘E! News’ last year right after Cameron Boyce’s death, explained how his sudden death affected her life and reflected on the loss of her longtime friend. She said:

“He just was everything everybody said he was. He was from someplace else. He was truly like a cosmic happening.”

She also stated:

“That’s what we’ve been working on altogether as a family is really staying in touch with each other and (Booboo Stewart) said, he was like, ‘I want to go out of my way to see you because I don’t want to miss you,’ and I think that’s kind of how we’re all feeling is we want to—we want to make an effort. It really reminds you how important everybody is, how important your one life is.”

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