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Drake Makes One Of The Most Important Confessions In His Life

Drake Makes One Of The Most Important Confessions In His Life

During a recent conversation on ‘Rap Radar’ podcast, Canadian rapper Drake made one of the most important confessions in his life, and he confessed that rapper Pusha T won their battle.

While talking about his achievements in 2019, Drake recalled his battle with Pusha T, and he admitted that he agreed that Pusha T won the battle but he denied the claims about a marketing deal with Adidas.

Here’s what Drake said:

“I have no desire to ever mend anything with that person. I tip my hat to the chess move, it was a genius move… It warranted my first ‘loss’ in the competitive sport of rapping — by choice. Because I bowed out after realizing the gap between us allowed him to drop a bomb on the world that really became all anyone cared about.

I sleep well at night knowing I didn’t get outbarred… I just realized that nobody cares about this guy, so there’s not really much I can say better than ‘Drake has a baby.’ So he won.”

The battle, between Pusha T and Drake, is based on several years ago. Pusha T, who disagreed about Lil Wayne, who had been briefly mentoring Drake, dissed Drake and Quentin Miller, whom Drake occasionally helped, without mentioning the ‘Infrared’ song on his ‘Daytona’ album.

After ‘Infrared’ started to talk on social media and the rap world, Drake didn’t stop. Drake released his diss track ‘The Duppy Freestyle’ in less than 24 hours, has references to both Pusha T and Kanye West.

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