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Dua Lipa Uses The F-Word For The Person Who Leaked Her Recent Album

Dua Lipa Uses The F-Word For The Person Who Leaked Her Recent Album

Pop singer Dua Lipa recently reached a great milestone with her latest album called ‘Future Nostalgia,’ and it’s placed to number 1 in the U.K by breaking at least three streaming records.

As you may recall, Dua Lipa released her new song named ‘Break My Heart,’ on March 25th and her new album, ‘Future Nostalgia,’ dropped on March 27th. In addition, she announced the European tour dates on March 24.

During a recent appearance on the ‘At Home’ edition of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, the British singer talked about her new album and broke her silence about the leak that caused the album to be released early.

While Dua Lipa talking about her quarantine days at her home in London, Jimmy suddenly started talking about her album and gave some details of his incredible record.

When Fallon asked her why she released the album early, Dua Lipa answered that she was scheduled to release it on April 3, but had to release it early after the leak online. She also said that she did not know clearly how this leak occurred, but stated that it may have leaked from music markets.

Here are some of what Dua Lipa said about the leak.

“Album was always gonna come out on April 3rd. But we released a week earlier because there was, like, a leak online and I always like ‘F it, we’re just gonna do.'”

She continued:

“It’s been ok given the circumstances. We released it a week early because there was a leak online. I don’t actually know how it happened. When it’s about to come out it gets sent around…

It is what it is and I’m quite relieved. It was a bit confusing but some things happen for a reason. I was relieved as it showed me the music had to be out…

I was feeling conflicted and didn’t know if it felt right with a lot of people suffering but then I thought I made the record to escape the anxiety and pressure of making a second record…

I thought maybe it can give people some comfort and to get away from everything.”

Here’s what full interview below via Youtube.

You can also watch her homemade music video clip for Break My Heart song below.

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