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Dua Lipa Drops An Exciting Project Which She Mentions As ‘A Little Quarantine Dream’

Dua Lipa Drops An Exciting Project Which She Mentions As ‘A Little Quarantine Dream’

Pop singer Dua Lipa is back again with another huge album after releasing her second studio album titled Future Nostalgia.

The Grammy-winning singer released her album Future Nostalgia on March 27, 2020, as it was leaked online. The singer told her fans that she would continue with new projects after this album was very popular.

Almost a week ago, she announced the release of the Club Future Nostalgia album and released this remix album at midnight around the world.

Club Future Nostalgia is a remix album of Dua Lipa and American DJ The Blessed Madonna. It was released on August 28, 2020, via Warner Records. Dua Lipa took to Twitter to share her excitement and happiness for this album.

Here’s what she wrote:

“If it’s past midnight where you are, then Club Future Nostalgia is yours!!! big love to everyone who took part in this project and made this possible especially, Blessed Madonna.”

She said that the work, which she spoke about as a little quarantine dream, was an opportunity for her. She continued:

“Our little quarantine dream, a once in a lifetime opportunity in the midst of this crazy time in our lives. We hope this brings the dancefloor to you!”

Check out the Twitter post below.

Back on July 30, while celebrating the success of Future Nostalgia album, which has reached 2 million streams within two months, British singer promised fans that she would release another version of Future Nostalgia or possibly new album until 2022.

She said:

“Don’t worry, I got that and then some coming your way. Hold tight. I’ve got enough to hold you all the way through till 2022.”

In this way, she has kept her promise.

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