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Dua Lipa Explains Why She Doesn’t Want To Write Songs That Sound ‘Cheesy’

Dua Lipa Explains Why She Doesn’t Want To Write Songs That Sound ‘Cheesy’

Dua Lipa, the most popular pop singer of recent times, gave an interview to Billboard and she defined the way she wanted to create her music on her new album Future Nostalgia.

Describing her music as ‘dark pop‘, the famous pop star started to have difficulties in writing songs except for sad issues after a while because she thought happy pop songs were cheesy, but then she decided to change this situation and released an album that she could be proud of which sounded as feel-good music.

Here’s what Dua Lipa stated:

“My first record, I was just constantly describing it as ‘dark pop.’ And then, at a point, it was hard for me to write songs unless it was about something sad.

I felt like happy pop songs resulted in cheesiness. I wanted to get away from that and be like, ‘No, I can make something I’m really proud of that still reflects a happy, elated feeling.’ ”

Last month Dua Lipa gave a very successful livestream concert and a magnificent stage show that had over 5 Millon viewers globally. While many artists had to postpone their tour due to the pandemic, this innovative idea of ​​Dua Lipa was an example to other famous singers.

Here’s what Dua Lipa’s manager Ben Mawson stated about it:

“That’s a whole new business model that we should have thought of before. There’s a lot of work that goes into an hourlong show of that sort, but it’s something that we’re going to do once a year, irrespective of touring.”

When the deluxe version of the album will be released, the singer wants to return to some songs in the Future Nostalgia album and wants to take videos and remind them as a single.

Dua Lipa continued:

“I’m talking to my team about, even once the deluxe is out, coming back to some songs off Future Nostalgia and putting them out as singles and making videos.”

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