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Dwayne Johnson Reveals A Priceless Moment With A Respected Person

Dwayne Johnson Reveals A Priceless Moment With A Respected Person

Popular wrestling personality and actor, Dwayne Johnson, has updated his Instagram feed and showed his great respect for the U.S. armed forces by celebrating Memorial Day with a special video.

The Rock visited the U.S. Air Force and made a special conversation with the U.S. Air Force major general, Jeannie Leavitt, and talked about their priceless services and helps. Therefore, he thanked the men and women of the American army for their services.

If you watch this video, the 48-year-old actor seemed honored and satisfied after meeting the major general through the chat with her. The general showed some of the military’s traditions to Johnson, and they posed together for the souvenir at the end of the conversation.

Here’s what Dwyane Johnson stated:

“I’ve had the honor (to me, there’s no other way to describe this moment) of being presented ‘challenge coins’ from distinguished men, distinguished women, and organizations around the world.

The energy & mana is always palpable. This one meant a lot. Thank you, US Air Force Major General, Jeannie Leavitt.

Thank you for this blessing and THANK YOU for your outstanding service and leadership. With great respect, DJ.”

A follower named Julio penned:

“This is why you’re the people’s champ!! Thank you to all those that served and made the ultimate sacrifice. I get to enjoy life every day because of it.”

An Instagram influencer named Natasha Yi said:

“You’re such a great role model. Thanks for posting this.”

Check out the Instagram post of The Rock below.

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