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Dwayne Johnson Reveals How The Election Results Will Affect Him With A Moderate Message

Dwayne Johnson Reveals How The Election Results Will Affect Him With A Moderate Message

On the eve of the election, the most constructive and prudent sharing compared to other famous names came from Dwayne Johnson. He announced that he will always stand behind his country regardless of the election results via his Instagram account.

The 2020 American elections have been an intense period when almost all celebrities mobilized and tried to direct the public to vote. Consequently, the subject of all the posts was the elections, and now the waiting and sharing continue in the world of celebrities, just before the results are opened.

On Tuesday, the successful actor, and former WWE wrestler nicknamed ‘The Rock,’ taking a break from training, shared a post on his Instagram in which he declared that it was time to go to work.

Later, the actor spoke about his country as if it was a person, and explained that he believed that no matter how the election ended, America would not lose anything from its beauty, strength, and most importantly, humanity. He expressed that in any case, he’ll always have her back just like how his country has his back.

Here’s the caption:

“Time to go to work. (before I go to my other work) Takin’ a brief quiet moment to take her in one more time 🇺🇸 A defining day for her today. To me, nothing will ever rival her awesome beauty, her strength, her resolve, and most of all, her humanity.

Regardless of where it all goes, I’ll always have her back – as I know, she’ll always have mine. Grateful to grind today and break some new skin on these calluses.”

Check out the post below.

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