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Dwayne Johnson Reveals Most Meaningful Match Of His Wrestling Career

Dwayne Johnson Reveals Most Meaningful Match Of His Wrestling Career

Former WWE star and actor, Dwayne Johnson has uploaded a new video of himself on the official Instagram account and revealed the most meaningful match of his wrestling career.

During a recent question-and-answer session on Instagram, The Rock, who spent part of his childhood in Hawaii, responded to a fan’s question while in the gym.

As we all know, Johnson joined World Wrestling Entertainment in 1996 and left for his movie career in 2004. In the video, he mentioned his first professional match in Texas and his most recent retirement match in New York City.

However, Johnson described the 2002 Honolulu match at Blaisdell Arena as the most memorable and meaningful moment. Here’s the conversation below.

Johnson continued that his match with Chris Jericho in 2002 sold out faster than Elvis Presley did for his famous concert at the venue. His entire family, including the widow’s grandmother, was in Oahu to watch his match.

The fan asked:

“In your entire professional wrestling career, what is the one match, or do you have a match, that is most meaningful?”

Dwayne Johnson responded to him:

“The one match that I will always, always carry with me deep in my heart, in my bones, happened in Honolulu. It was the first and only time that I have ever wrestled in Hawaii. It was not a big pay-per-view. It was not a big television production. It was what we call a live event, or a house show.

They struggled, man. They could never get it off the ground. Hawaii for me … Always represented struggle. It always represented tough times. Just a force of our human nature to just grit it out and try to make it.”

He also left a note in the caption:

“Is question so good, it got me emo answering it 😂🤦🏽‍♂️🖤 a Most meaningful match of my wrestling career? Honolulu, Hawaii. No big PPV show or TV production. One match. One night only. Sell out, hometown crowd. The first and only time I would ever wrestle in my islands.

For decades, Hawaii always represented struggle and grit for my family. After the match, while we quietly and gratefully celebrated in my locker room with my family – my grandmother says, ‘We finally made it’ and those four words sealed the deal.

Thanks for the great question and thanks for hanging in there while I got emo. I’m poised and experienced enough to take long pause and smile so I don’t start the attractive ugly cry 😭😂 Love y’all and everyone stays healthy and safe.”

Watch the Instagram video below.

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