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Dwayne Johnson Says DC Universe’s ‘Black Adam’ Is The Most Challenging Role Of His Career

Dwayne Johnson Says DC Universe’s ‘Black Adam’ Is The Most Challenging Role Of His Career

Hollywood’s most-paid actor and former WWE wrestler, Dwayne Johnson, has continued to promote his upcoming movie, Black Adam, a DC Comics anti-hero, on social media and shared recently some details of his character and shooting.

Dwayne Johnson has made his already challenging workouts even more difficult after he announced the role of Black Adam in February 2020 and continues to prepare for DC Universe’s brand new anti-hero.

For the movie, which is planned to be released on July 29, 2022, by Warner Bros., The Rock is training very hard. He shared a photo of his backside on Instagram on Tuesday, possibly taken after training, showing his fans how much work he put into the role.

Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram again and showed off how he prepared for Black Adam with make-up artist Bjoern Rehbein. The 49-year-old actor also showed off his diet for the movie.

Dwayne Johnson has shared a photo of makeup artist Bjoern Rehbein applying small white tracking dots to very specific areas of his body. He said this Visual Effects team tracked and calculated the muscle fibers that were intensely activated and moved while in anger to seek out and destroy the Black Adam muscles.

Johnson also talked about his hard workout with his diet and conditioning due to the last week of production and training. Saying that he is one of the most challenging characters of his career, Johnson said that he tried to have an incredible physical image for this character and said that he had to on the top for Black Adam.

Here’s what Dwayne Johnson said:

“Minutes away from shooting a very cool cutting edge scene for our movie, BLACK ADAM

My skilled makeup artist, Bjoern Rehbein is applying tiny white tracking dots to very specific areas of my body (legs included) so our Visual Effects team track and compute my muscle fibers intensely activating and moving while BLACK ADAM is raging to seek & destroy his enemies.

This is the final week of production and the hard work with my training, diet, and conditioning has been relentless – hardest of my career because I’ve had to maintain this physical look for months and had to peak in my final week – but our collective goal is to raise the bar with BLACK ADAM.

To deliver the antihero you’ve been waiting for and you deserve.

Final week of production.

The hierarchy of power in the DC UNIVERSE is about”

See the Instagram photo below.

Photo Credit: Dwayne Johnson – IG

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