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Edward Norton Responds To Stephen King Who Broke The First Rule Of ‘Fight Club’

Edward Norton Responds To Stephen King Who Broke The First Rule Of ‘Fight Club’

Horror novelist Stephen King announced on Twitter that he has decided to watch popular movies he hasn’t watched before. Among these films is Fight Club, directed by David Fincher and starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

As we all know, Fight Club’s rules are clear. However, Stephen King tweeted a violation of the rules after watching the movie Fight Club and was jokingly warned by his fans for breaking the first rule.

Here’s the tweet:

“In June of 1999 I suffered serious injuries when struck by a van. FIGHT CLUB was released in October. I never made it to a movie theater until at least December. If someone sent me a VHS of FIGHT CLUB, I was too stoned on pain meds to remember it.”

Stephen King also tweeted that he knew the first rule of Fight Club and not to talk about FC. However, in the continuation of the tweet, he said that this rule may expire after 22 years.

Edward Norton, one of the leading roles in the movie, commented on the famous novelist’s tweet and replied to him about breaking FC’s first rule. Norton made a special privilege to King and said he could talk about Fight Club.

Here’s what Edward Norton said:

“There’s a caveat in the FC rules: ‘On the topic of a story, in any form, Stephen King can talk about anything he wants to.’ So sayeth The Narrator. ‘I am Jack’s mad respect.’ (Hope you see it on a proper big screen w good sound & all those gamer/sports picture settings off)”

Check out the Twitter posts below.

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