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Edward Norton Reveals The Reason Why Everybody Loves Eddie Van Halen

Edward Norton Reveals The Reason Why Everybody Loves Eddie Van Halen

Versatile film actor Edward Norton who has starred in movies such as ‘American History X,’ ‘The Incredible Hulk,’ and ‘Birdman,’ has shared a condolences message for legendary Van Halen co-founder and guitarist Eddie Van Halen after learning his devastating death.

Eddie Van Halen had been fighting with cancer for a long time. After being diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2000, he had several surgeries and beat cancer in 2002. But last year it was revealed that the iconic guitarist has throat cancer.

Eddie’s son and also the bassist of the band Wolfgang Van Halen announced his father’s death by sharing a statement on Twitter. In his statement, he said his father died due to throat cancer. He was 65.

Norton made a statement that praised Eddie Van Halen on Twitter and showed how high his inspirational talent was. Devastated over his death, Norton said he was an artist ahead of time. The actor continued and said that the late guitarist brought everyone the joy of being well and that’s why everyone loved him.

Here’s what Edward Norton said:

“Eddie Van Halen. Ah man..even if hair bands weren’t your scene, who had the power to turn your shitty Ford Escort into a Ferrari under you more than Eddie? Nobody. No matter what else you were into, the first time you heard those opening riffs of Mean Street, Unchained, ATBL…

Your mind went ‘Who. And What. Is THAT?!’ And the sly grin that said ‘I’m just a kid like you and it’s all for fun.’ He ripped so hard he didn’t have to pose like a peacock. He let everyone in on the joy of being that good & that’s why everyone loved him. RIP”

Check out the Twitter post below.

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