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Ellen Degeneres’ Fans Warn Her Because She Looks So Close With Her Dog ‘Wallis’ Despite Her Positive Test

Ellen Degeneres’ Fans Warn Her Because She Looks So Close With Her Dog ‘Wallis’ Despite Her Positive Test

Recently, Ellen Degeneres gave unfortunate news and announced that she had COVID-19 while explaining that the health status of everyone who had been in close contact with her will be followed closely.

Ellen faced many problems in 2020, some of which were the many speculations about the toxic work environment claims about her program.

Ellen had announced on her first show that she would have a clean start by apologizing to everyone and all employees. She said that all employees’ rights would be protected and that she would work to make them feel safe.

Despite the pandemic and the incident, The Ellen Degeneres Show continued with video calls or and studio shots from time to time. However, it was claimed that nobody wanted to participate in the show due to the incidents and because she could not receive advertisements the show was in a difficult situation.

While it is not known whether these speculations are real or not, The Ellen Degeneres Show has closed the year in an unfortunate way with the 62-years-old host announcing that she got COVID-19 and as she stated the show is planning to return to the screens in January.

On Friday, Ellen also updated her Instagram feed for those people who are worried about her health and shared a photo of herself lying down on a sofa resting with her dog. She noted that all the good messages wishing her wellness and her dog, Wallis, made her feel better and said thank you to everyone.

Here’s the caption:

“Thank you for all of your sweet messages. They’re helping a lot. Wally is helping too.”

The fans of Ellen wrote many more comments under her post wishing her to get well soon while some warned her to be careful because she can transfers the virus to her dog.

A fan commented:

“Get well Ellen… I need laughter in my life..and you bring it every day while I am working at home..drink plenty of hot tea and get some Vitamin C..and the minute you feel better..put on some good music and dance… Love you❤️🙏🙏”

Another fan wrote:

“Get well soon. Be careful with Wally. Covid has already been to dogs too … in some rare cases.”

Another fan also warned Ellen and said:

“You know dogs can get COVID too right?”

Check out the post below.

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