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Ellie Goulding Recalls Her First Performance In Her Musical Career While Using A Viral Meme

Ellie Goulding Recalls Her First Performance In Her Musical Career While Using A Viral Meme

British singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding joins the famous meme called ‘how it started and how it’s going’ taking her fans back to the era when she started her first musical career.

Twitter users are celebrating their transformations, and in some cases, making light of how far they’ve fallen, with a new meme that’s been sweeping the social media platform.

Thousands of social media users have been tweeting photo comparisons of ‘how it started’ versus ‘how it’s going’ showing the way their lives have changed over time. Many people joined this trend by comparing the periods that affected their lives. Ellie Goulding is one of them.

On Tuesday, Ellie Goulding found a rare picture of herself which is taken when she performed a performance on the stage in an organization called ‘Protect The Human.’ She also added yet another picture which is taken when she performing live in front of 80k fans in London, 2019.

The singer took to Instagram and compared the photos showing her first performance and the latest concert. In the first photo, Ellie Goulding was playing guitar on a stage when she was a teenager. Young Goulding, who had not yet dyed her hair blonde, was triying to give her best on stage. As you might see in the second photo, Ellie was enthralling her fans with her great songs and voice at the concert in London before the coronavirus pandemic.

If you compare the two photos she uploaded, you can see how great strides the singer has made in her musical journey and what a great artist she has become.

Here’s what the singer captioned:

“How it started vs. how it’s going (pre pandemic😂)”

See the Instagram post below.

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how it started vs. how its going (pre pandemic 😐)

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