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Emilia Clarke Admits To Feeling Free After “Game Of Thrones”

Emilia Clarke Admits To Feeling Free After “Game Of Thrones”

During a rare interview with Daily Telegraph, Emilia Clarke as known as Daenerys has shared her thoughts about her career after the “Game of Thrones”.

Clarke made a confession about how she felt after the “Game of Thrones” series ended. She admitted:

“Absolutely. It really was the greatest moment of my life, but there is an absolute freedom that Thrones has given me — a gift-wrapped present in a little bow saying, “You’re now financially secure enough to not have to panic, so what do you want to do?”

That kind of freedom is wonderful. I could never see it during the time I was filming, because I was too close to it.”

She talked about her next project, “Last Christmas”, after “Game of Thrones.” She said:

“It was pitched to me like, “Emma Thompson has written a movie.” And I was like, “I don’t even need to read it. Yes, I’m in, I’m 100 per cent in.” I think she is the greatest human and with the double combo of Paul Fieg directing, it was an absolute no-brainer. Worst-case scenario, we were at least going to have a wonderful time.”

The beautiful actress also explained how it felt to work with the film’s writer, Emma Thompson. .She said:

“She’s just inherently got this maternal side to her; every individual person on set feels heard, seen, protected and loved. I can very confidently say it was my favorite filming experience I’ve ever had, and she was a massive part of that.”

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