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Emilia Clarke Reveals How She Feels After “Game Of Thrones” Final Season

Emilia Clarke Reveals How She Feels After “Game Of Thrones” Final Season

After the final episode of “Game of Thrones”, The fans of the series were in great disappointment and the fans criticized “Game of Thrones” in a brutally way.

Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen Emilia Clarke was one of the most upset of these brutal criticisms.

During a recent interview with Daily Telegraph, Emilia Clarke has shared her thoughts about the criticism after the final season of Game of Thrones. She said:

“I was too busy focusing on my own reactions to really pay too much attention, if any at all. The only thing I felt truthfully sad about was that David and D.B. are my really good friends, and so it’s for them that I feel heartbreak, because it’s theirs.

I’ve got my shit together. It doesn’t help me to hear someone say, ‘You’re great,’ and it doesn’t help me to hear someone say, ‘Hey, you piece of shit, why are you so fat?’ Those are the extremes you deal with when you read about yourself on the internet, so I simply don’t.”

The 32-year-old actress also continued:

“Everyone is going to have their own opinion and they’re fully entitled to them. It’s art and it’s to be dissected and taken on in whatever individual way you wish.

And if you’re sad that the show is done and you’re sad because you enjoyed watching it, then that’s sad. It sucks this wasn’t the perfect ending that people were hoping for, but I truly believe we would never have made everyone happy.”

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