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Eminem And Lil Wayne Allegedly Will Perform At Mike Tyson’s Fight

Eminem And Lil Wayne Allegedly Will Perform At Mike Tyson’s Fight

Internet personality Jake Paul claims that Eminem and Lil Wayne will perform at Mike Tyson and Roy Jones’ fight, including Post Malone.

Mike Tyson will fight with Roy Jones Jr. on September 12th, and it will be one of the greatest fights of the entire year. Fans are extremely excited to see what the 54-year-old boxer can do. On the other hand, who will perform at their fights.

During a recent interview with Impaulsive podcast, Jake Paul discusses the highly-anticipated event and said that Tyson and Jones’ fight will complete with a great performance from Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Post Malone.

He said Mike Tyson did not fight this money for money. He stated:

“I think everyone involved in this event was more so focused on like let’s make it an amazing sporting event because there’s nothing really happening right now. We wanted to make like a big splash in the sporting world and Mike even said it too he’s like this isn’t about to the money for him and it’s really not the about the money for me like I could have negotiated harder I could have asked for more money like. I was kind of just like. You know what this is fun we’ve been in quarantine fighting under Mike Tyson’s dream come true, Roy Jones Jr. not to mention like.”

He continued:

“It’s really just going to be an amazing night. There is I don’t know If I think Lil Wayne performing, Eminem. I thought his fighting. And I could be wrong here but Post Malone performing like this. The list goes on with that.”

Click here for the source of the statement, and watch the podcast below.

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