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Eminem’s Close Friend Claims That Detroit Rapper Is On Dr. Dre’s New Album

Eminem’s Close Friend Claims That Detroit Rapper Is On Dr. Dre’s New Album

Over the years, it was claimed that legendary music producer Dr. Dre and Grammy award-winning rapper Eminem from Detroit will be reunited in Dre’s new album.

Dr. Dre worked with Eminem on the albums he released in 1993, 1996, and 2016. Eminem, who recently collaborated with the song ‘Medicine Man’ on Dre’s Compton album, is now allegedly featured on Dre’s new album.

The big claim came from Page Kennedy, a Detroit comedian and one of Eminem’s close friends. The comedian took to Twitter and said that the legendary music producer’s new album is ‘fire.’

Here’s what he wrote:

“This Dr. Dre album sounding 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Hope y’all get to hear”

Following this tweet, a fan specifically jumped into the comment section to find out if Eminem would be on the new Dr. Dre album. Kennedy claimed that Eminem would definitely be on this album, and he showed that he was sure of that.

Here’s the conversation:

The fan asked:

“Wait, also need to know when is Em dropping his…please.”

Page Kennedy responded to the fan:

“Well, he def on this one lol.”

It won’t be surprising if Dre and Em, who recently started working together, are reunited on a new album. For the first time since Recovery released in 2010, Eminem collaborated with Dr. Dre on the album ‘Music To Be Murdered By.’

Check out the Twitter post below.

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