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Emma Corrin Describes How She Was Surprised While Getting The Role of Princess Diana

Emma Corrin Describes How She Was Surprised While Getting The Role of Princess Diana

While the most spoken about and beloved series of Netflix, ‘The Crown‘ met with the audience with its 4th season, the most curious character of this season was undoubtedly Princess Diana and people were waiting to see who would play her.

In 1997, Diana’s untimely death deeply saddened everyone because she was undoubtedly loved by many people who knew or did not know her.

According to a recent interview, the casting process for The Crown was very interesting, and Emma Corrin was finally chosen to play this role.

The casting process of the series surprised Emma Corrin because as she explained everything developed suddenly and when she started to read the places Diana had to read, everyone was very satisfied with her performance and after a few trial shots before the 3rd season shootings started, Diana was her role.

Here’s what she stated:

“Well, my casting process was very unusual, I think actually. I’ll explain it, but I feel like any young actor listening should not think that this is how it normally works, which is that, so I went in August 2018. Got a call from my agent.

She said, The Crown are doing a chemistry read between the girls they had found to play Camilla potentially, and Joshua O’Connor. But obviously they’re reading scripts that are from season three and also season four, which was obviously in the pipeline.

And they need someone to read for Diana. And so I went in and I was paid and obviously, it wasn’t an audition for me. I was just helping out, but it weirdly turned into an audition, because they started putting me on camera and they were obviously enjoying what I was doing. And it was quite strange.”

Emma Corrin also explained what was the biggest challenge in portraying Diana and said that it was dancing. Stating that she doesn’t have any talent to dance at all, the acterss has worked hard for 4-5 months to dance well. She also trained to sing naturally like Diana which she found as an interesting experience.

She continued:

“Definitely not stealing all the clothing from set. Actually, the dancing was the toughest bit. It was. Yeah, it was very tough. I’m not a dancer at all. So that was difficult. I had to do the opposite thing.

I’m not a dancer at all. I had to spend four or five months training as a dancer. I am a trained singer, but I had to unlearn how to sing with a coach, because Diana wasn’t trained. So I had to do the opposite things for each of those, which was an interesting experience.”

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