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Eniko Hart Remembers The Beautiful Days With Her Husband Kevin As She Celebrates His 41st Bday

Eniko Hart Remembers The Beautiful Days With Her Husband Kevin As She Celebrates His 41st Bday

The 35-year-old wife of Kevin Hart and also a famous social media personality, Eniko Hart, has shared an album which has photos of herself with husband, Kevin Hart, via her official Instagram account and penned down a meaningful message to celebrate his 41st birthday.

Today is a very special day for Kevin Hart because he is turning 41st birthday. Everyone was wondering what will do Eniko for celebrating his birthday. She made an Instagram album with some throwback photos which are taken when they had romantic times together.

In the caption, Eniko penned down an emotional birthday tribute to celebrate her husband’s 41st birthday. Also, she remembers the beautiful days of them thanks to these pictures.

Frankly, we started to wonder about the reaction of Kevin to his wife’s birthday tribute but he didn’t do anything. This post reached 150k likes in a few hours and her followers celebrated his birthday with sweet comments.

Here’s the birthday tribute of Eniko:

“Happy Birthday, Babe! 🎉

I took a trip down memory lane this morning and gathered jus a few photos from over the years of us celebrating you! Woo! We def got some time in! LOL! You’ve gotten better, older, & wiser over the years.

I loved u then and love more of the man that you’ve become. We’ve shared so many memorable moments together..looking forward to celebrating another 10+ years/lifetime LIVING, LAUGHING, & LOVING with you on your birthday!💋✨ .”

A fan named Emily celebrated his birthday while celebrating her own:

“Aww, Happy Birthday. My birthday too.”

Another fan named Willan April wrote to Kevin:

“Happy birthday to him. I wish he good day and God bless.”

You can see the post of Eniko right below.

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