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Eva Mendes Explains How A Book Changed Her Views On All Things Wellness

Eva Mendes Explains How A Book Changed Her Views On All Things Wellness

Actress and model Eva Mendes has explained how a book changed her views on all things wellness on her official Instagram page.

Eva Mendes shared a photo of her on Thursday to promote the book, The Pegan Diet, by American physician Mark Hyman, with part of her face covered using the book.

Although she hated the pandemic eyebrows, she shared this photo and explained how her views on wellness had changed. The Pegan diet is a diet inspired by two of the most popular diet trends (paleo and vegan). According to Dr. Mark Hyman, the Pegan diet promotes optimal health by reducing inflammation and balancing blood sugar.

In the caption, Mendes said Dr. Hyman changed her views on all health issues. His books are always informative, but never condescending, and she added that he’s always an eye-opener and inspiring.

Here’s what Eva Mendes captioned:

“Stop looking at my pandemic brows. Just stop. Why are you zooming in on them?! Ugh, whatever zoom in. But wait, why are you now zooming in on my pandemic nails?! Not. Cool.

Anyway, let’s get to the point of my post, @drmarkhyman has a new book The Pegan Diet !!! Look, I don’t want to say Dr. Hyman changed my life -I reserve that for my man-but Dr. Hyman changed my views on all things wellness. His books are always informative but never condescending and always eye opening and inspiring.

If you’ve been wanting to get healthy in a simple way, this book is for you ❤️

Link in bio to get your copy.”

See the Instagram post below.

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