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Famous Composer Leaks A Text Message From Ariana Grande – She Reacts!

Famous Composer Leaks A Text Message From Ariana Grande – She Reacts!

Famous musical composer Jason Robert Brown has posted the new tweet series on his verified Twitter page and has shared his thoughts about Subculture’s event to provide relief for the people affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

As you might recall, Grammy-winner pop star Ariana Grande joined ‘SubCulture’ and performed a heartbreaking live virtual concert with Jason Robert Brown. She sang Jason Robert’s song named ‘Still Hurting,’ which released in 2015.

In these tweets, Jason Robert thanked Ariana Grande, the other special guest singer Shoshana Bean to their performs, and everyone who are donated.

However, Jason Robert exposed a text message between him and Ariana and showed how she decided to sing ‘Still Hurting.’ In the message, Jason Robert asked her if she knows ‘Still Hurting’ song. Ariana answered briefly and retweeted this post to show her reaction to him. Here’s the conversation below.

Jason Robert Brown asked:

“Do you know my song Still Hurting.”

Ariana answered:

“Am I a person.”

Also, Here’s what Jason R. Brown tweeted:

“So many people worked so hard to make last night’s broadcast a reality. If you can, please donate – it’s not like the folks who work
SubCulture makes a lot of money, to begin with, but right now they obviously don’t make anything at all.

I have to give a special shout-out to Ariana Grande and Shoshana Bean, not just because they sang their asses off but because they said yes immediately when I asked them, and they committed with their whole hearts. I am very lucky and very grateful.”

Check out the tweets below and watch the amazing performance of Ariana Grande below.

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