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Fans Claim Britney Spears Is Pregnant After Calling Her Boyfriend Sam Asghari A ‘Dad’

Fans Claim Britney Spears Is Pregnant After Calling Her Boyfriend Sam Asghari A ‘Dad’

Amid her guardianship case with her father, Jamie Spears, fans have made claims that Britney is pregnant after she shared several photos with her bodybuilder boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Late in June, Britney Spears has broken her 13-year silence and opened up on the guardianship of her father Wednesday during a phone call in the court. Begging to end her father’s 13-year guardianship, Spears called for an end to this emotional abuse that had demoralized her and left her feeling enslaved.

Stating that this situation made the singer’s mental health worse and she was in a difficult situation, the fans of the singer started a “Free Britney” campaign and demanded that Spears be able to control her own life. After Britney Spears’ striking statements, the court postponed the case to September 2020 and did not remove the guardianship over Britney.

However, a post that Britney shared to show that she was okay was quite curious. The beautiful singer, who posted photos of her hiking with her boyfriend Sam Asghari on her Instagram account on Sunday, called her boyfriend ‘dad’ and her fans made a claim that Birtney might be pregnant.

Here’s the caption:

“@SamAsghari looks like such a dad in these pics.”

However, Britney demanded the removal of her guardianship because she could not have children due to her father’s guardianship. However, some fans thought and claimed that she’s definitely pregnant.

A fan commented:

“Hope you get to have babies with him like you want.”

Another wrote:

“Are you pregnant, Bri? OMG.”

Another left:

“Yay, she might be pregnant.”

Britney has two children, Sean Federline, 15 and Jayden Federline, 14. Their father is Kevin Federline, one of Britney’s former backup dancers.

See the Instagram photos below.

Photo Credit: Britney Spears – Instagram

Photo Credit: Britney Spears – Instagram

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