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Fans Say Adam Sandler’s Instagram Profile Has Turned Into A ‘Graveyard’

Fans Say Adam Sandler’s Instagram Profile Has Turned Into A ‘Graveyard’

New York-born actor and comedian Adam Sandler posted on Instagram after hearing about the sad death of legendary NBA player and coach Paul Westphal and commemorated the legendary name.

Paul Westphal, one of the legendary players of the American Basketball League (NBA) team Phoenix Suns, died at the age of 70. In the statement made on the website of the NBA, it was stated that Westphal, who had been treated for cancer for a while, died.

The legendary point guard, who won the championship with the Boston Celtics in 1974, was playing for Phoenix Suns between 1975-1980.

Westphal, who later led Phoenix Suns to the NBA finals for the first time in 1993, entered the Hall of Fame in 2019, which consists of basketball legends, referees, coaches, and other prominent figures.

On Saturday, Adam Sandler took to Instagram and shared a devastating message to the legendary basketball player and send all his love to his family.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Paul Westphal. Loved this man. Incredible basketball player. Incredible guy. All my love to his entire family.”

However, some of his fans stated that Adam Sandler only shared when famous names died. An Instagram user said that the actor’s Instagram profile has turned into a graveyard.

The follower commented:

“Adam Sandler page a whole grave yard.”

Adam Sandler did not respond to his fan’s comment, but, prior to that, he mourned American football player Kevin Greene, Friday actor Tom Lister Jr., actor David L. Lander, and more, and fans started thinking about it as his Instagram profile was full of pictures of deceased celebrities.

See the Instagram post below.

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