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Fetty Wap Reminds The Days Of Writting ‘Trap Queen’

Fetty Wap Reminds The Days Of Writting ‘Trap Queen’

New Jersey-based rap artist Fetty Wap spoke in a recent interview with ‘Billboard,’ recalling the earlier days of his career, talked about how he writes his viral song ‘Trap Queen.’

‘Trap Queen’ was released on August 7, 2014, and the video clip of the song was watched almost 700 million times on Youtube.

Fetty said that it was a freezing day in winter when he started writing the song. Also, he stated that he found a hit that caught his attention on a music website.

Here’s what Fetty Wap stated:

 “We didn’t really have much furniture in the house, and I was sitting on the floor and I was going through this website called

I was just thinking about everything I was going through. So I just put it all in a song.”

He continued:

“It started off with me talkin’ to my girl. That’s how it started. She walked in the house and that’s how it started.

I love the original one more than the one that everybody else know, that’s on the album. The original one is only three of the same verses, but it’s just so much more energy to that one because that’s the original.”

You can watch the Trap Queen below.

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