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Frank Ocean Speaks About His Previous Record Deal With ASAP Rocky

Frank Ocean Speaks About His Previous Record Deal With ASAP Rocky

During a recent interview with Gayletter, song-writer and singer Frank Ocean has shared his experience for collaboration with ASAP Rocky.

Here’s what Frank Ocean said:

“I feel at peace with all that. I feel like the best outcome for myself was that outcome, and I feel proud of what I was able to get done with it. I love the music and the art that came out of that period, as well as the visual work. It’s definitely a period I look back on fondly. It’s funny you bring up Rocky, because after that came out, I was like, “Rocky, I think we gotta review the CliffsNotes of that situation because you got a couple parts a little fucked up.”

The interviewer chimed in:

‘Oh really’

Frank Ocean continued:

” Nah, it was cool. I don’t even remember what he got wrong, but I remember what was correct. When I heard it I laughed, because I was like, It would be Rocky who would say that, ’cause I probably would never have given the real, explicit version of it. Me and him talked about it once, right after all that happened, when we were just having a conversation about the business.

There was certainly noise within the industry about it, like Universal saying no more exclusives could happen afterwards. So I was being asked about it, and I didn’t really talk about it too much with people. But with Rocky, we spoke about it. I think with advice, that situation probably won’t ever happen again in the same way, so I don’t know if my advice would be any good as far as how to do it again.”

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