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French Montana Reveals What He Really Thinks About Kanye West’s Music

French Montana Reveals What He Really Thinks About Kanye West’s Music

During a recent interview with  Zane Lowe on Beats 1, Moroccan-born American hip hop artist French Montana has shared his thoughts about Kanye West’s project and his career goals. He said:

“He’s working on something that’s so crazy. I think he’s working on something bigger than music. When I went to go see him, he showed me something that was so crazy. But, that’s what make people like him stand out, because he always think outside the box—really outside the box. Shout out to Kanye.

I just see that trying to do something that’s going to change the world. Whether it’s something to help the people, or something like … I feel like he’s going to touch something that’s going to change everybody’s life.”

French Montana also explained what Kanye’s’ musical direction. He said:

“The whole time I’m with him, he’s telling me about the church and he’s telling me about what his direction with the music is going. The whole time he’s like, ‘I’m thinking about doing this. All right? You know. I’m in that spirit. You know?’

So I play him a couple records. I played a record called ‘Wiggle It.’ When the record stopped, he said, ‘What you doing with that record'” I said, ‘My God. I thought you was going towards Jesus.’ This is across the street right here.”

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