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Full Metal Jacket Star Says ‘Every Director Makes Love Differently’ As He Defines Stanley Kubrick

Full Metal Jacket Star Says ‘Every Director Makes Love Differently’ As He Defines Stanley Kubrick

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Full Metal Jacket star Matthew Modine explained what it was like to work with director Stanley Kubrick.

Full Metal Jacket was a film about the training of the American army before the Vietnam War and the usual events experienced by the soldiers in the American army during the war. It was both written and directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Stanley Kubrick is a director who gained a special place with his work around the world and made his name in history as one of the best directors of all time. In addition to the perfectionist atmosphere, Kubrick’s films have intense symbolism and realism.

When it first came to the theatres, the film did not encounter such an interest as today. Over the years its value has been recognized and, as Matthew Modine mentions, songs have even been written on it. According to Matthew, it’s a real success for a movie to still get attention and appreciated even 33 years later.

Matthew explained the reason for this with an example and said that just as everyone’s understanding and practice of love was different, Stanley’s perspective and methods were different. This difference provided him with his current position.

Here’s what Matthew Modine stated:

“I guess you could say that every director makes love, but they all do it a little bit differently, right? We all make love, but we all do it a little bit differently. Obviously, Stanley did it very differently than any of those other directors that I just mentioned, and was revered by those people, as well as millions of fans around the world, for his artistry.”

He continued:

“And the thing that’s fascinating is the appreciation of his ability to have made a movie 33 years ago that is still part of the conversation. It will still elicit a conversation or solicit a conversation with someone like yourself, and it’s a movie that came out so long ago. How often does that happen?”

He added:

“It’s just a pretty rare occurrence that a movie becomes part of the vernacular, and is so quoted that people write songs about it. From the very beginning with 2 Live Crew and the ‘Me So Horny’ song to other people today, it’s quite extraordinary to have been a part of a film like that, to have had the extraordinary pleasure and honor of working with a director like Stanley Kubrick. So yes, it has obviously impacted my life in ways that I can’t even imagine.”

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