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Gal Gadot Is Getting Ready To Bring Kindness And Empathy Into Our Broken World With Her New Movie

Gal Gadot Is Getting Ready To Bring Kindness And Empathy Into Our Broken World With Her New Movie

The beautiful actress Gal Gadot, who was loved by the masses and mostly known for the movie Wonder Woman, is expecting the release of Wonder Woman 1984 and shared the comments of people who had the chance to watch the film before everyone else on her Instagram account.

For a long time, Wonder Woman fans were wondering when the second movie would be released, and Gal Gadot had announced that it will be possible to watch the movie both in theaters and on HBO Max this Christmas.

On Sunday, Gal Gadot took Instagram to share a bunch of comments made by the viewers who had the chance to watch the long-awaited sequel beforehand.

As you can see in her post down below, all the viewers have written some very good and positive comments about the film. The common point that they all wrote about the film was that the film’s plot contains a very meaningful message about the present time and that the world needs empathy and kindness to continue in peace.

Furthermore, Gal Gadot also explained that seeing all the excitement and the first reactions to Wonder Woman 1984 thrilled her extremely because she believes that the film will bring some joy, hope, and love to the audience.

Here’s her caption:

“The first reactions to #WW84 are coming in and I am extremely thrilled to see your love and excitement for this film…

 Can’t wait to share this “beacon of hope” with the rest of the world and to hear what you guys think about it.

 You’re the reason we’re making these movies ♥️🙏”

Later on the day, Gal Gadot also shared the newest trailer and started the countdown for the film stating that everyone will finally get to see the movie and the message it brings.

Here’s the second caption:

“It’s the final countdown! 💫 Happy to share the newest trailer for #WW84! This Christmas you will finally get to see our movie and the important message it brings.

These days, more than ever, we all share in the wonder ✨ #WonderWoman1984 will play in theaters and exclusively on @HBOmax.”

Check out the post below.

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