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Gal Gadot Urges Fans To Wear A Mask While Announcing A Much-Awaited News

Gal Gadot Urges Fans To Wear A Mask While Announcing A Much-Awaited News

For a long time, Wonder Woman fans were wondering when the second movie would be released, and finally, Gal Gadot shared a statement on her Instagram account and announced that it will be possible to watch the movie both in theaters and on HBO Max.

Gal Gadot, the beautiful actress who was loved by the masses and mostly known for the movie Wonder Woman, continues to have a very busy business period despite the pandemic.

The famous actress, who recently completed the shooting of Netflix’s action movie Red Notice, returned home, will also appear in Snyder Cut of Justice League with the Wonder Woman character, and in the future, we know that she will continue to create wonders with her acting by playing the role of Cleopatra.

But first of all, there is a sequel to the Wonder Woman movie, and the shooting for it been completed long ago and just waiting to be released. Gal Gadot announced the fate of the movie, whose date is constantly changing due to the pandemic, on her social media account and heralded that it is time to watch the movie.

Emphasizing that this movie is very relevant today, the successful actress hopes that the film will bring some joy, hope, and love to the audience. While wishing Wonder Woman 1984, which is very special for her, to be special for the audience as well, she explained that they put a lot of effort into the film, putting their souls and hearts into it.

Here’s what she stated:

IT’S TIME. We’ve all waited a long time for this one to come. I can’t tell you how excited I am for all of you to see this movie. It wasn’t an easy decision and we never thought we’d have to hold onto the release for such a long time but COVID rocked all of our worlds.

We feel the movie has never been so relevant and we hope that it’ll bring some joy, hope and love to your hearts. Wonder Woman 1984 is a special one for me and I can only hope it’ll be as special to you too. We’ve put our hearts and souls into it.

So.. you can watch it IN THEATERS (they’re doing an amazing job keeping it safe) and you can also watch it on HBOMAX from your homes. Sending you my love. Please keep safe and wear a mask. Happy holidays to all of us! Let the light shine in🙅🏻‍♀️💪🏼👊🏼💋”

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