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Game Of Thrones’ Bran Stark Reveals How His Character Transition Affected His Role

Game Of Thrones’ Bran Stark Reveals How His Character Transition Affected His Role

During a recent interview with HBO, ‘Game Of Thronesactor Isaac Hempstead Wright has shared his thoughts about his character Bran Stark‘s transition over the course of the eight seasons. He revealed what has that been like as an actor. He said:

“It’s been an interesting one, he’s had such a massive character evolution and he’s pretty much unrecognizable by the end. For the first six seasons it was pretty straight forward, everything was pretty gradual, he was more or less the same person just getting a little bit wiser, and learning how harsh the world all is.

[When he became the Three-Eyed Raven] it was definitely tricky, striking that balance — we didn’t want it to just become boring. By Season 8 I had really relaxed into it, and judging by the reactions, people have enjoyed it, and found him funny and strange, not just irritating. Which is what we hoped.

The thing about Bran, he’s not human, he’s not normal, so there’s nothing to base him on. It was just getting that balance of mystery and strangeness but with some little spark in him that keeps you compelled to see him on screen.

I think the character arc itself is just the most incredible thing. To have this disabled 10 year old in this incredibly harsh world…you think he has no chance of survival, he’s not going to make it anywhere. And yet against all odds, despite being a traditionally “weak” character he travels north of the Wall to one of the most dangerous points on the map, and comes back this incredibly powerful, wise, calm character.

He’s not going to come in on horseback and save the day, but he sits and thinks and is calm and collected. I think that’s a really great message, that he is rewarded for being still and calm and not reactionary and doesn’t just shout and cause trouble. It’s kind of a real victory for the quiet thoughtful people of Westeros.”

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