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Game Of Thrones Maisie Williams Explains Why She’s Nervous After Her Appearance As Arya Stark

Game Of Thrones Maisie Williams Explains Why She’s Nervous After Her Appearance As Arya Stark

Young actress Maisie Williams, who is known for her role as Arya Stark in the Game of Thrones series, has shared a new photo on Instagram that was taken by Telegraph UK for her new interview and talked about fashion, fame, and surviving Game of Thrones.

Williams spoke to the Telegraph UK and explained why she was nervous after her eight-year appearance as Arya Stark in the Game of Thrones. The actress, who says she was nervous that she will be auditioning again after her role in Game of Thrones, later explains how she got rid of this tension. Maisie stated:

“It is almost harder because I had never been told no. The second thing that I ever auditioned for was Game of Thrones, and that launched my career. There’s always competition, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve done, you will always lose out on roles. The industry is built upon rejection.

I’m definitely learning that now – how to overcome the rejection and not see it as a personal thing. But learning to be told no is really difficult as someone who’s an established actor. No one’s got time for you when you’re like, ‘Oh, I didn’t get the part in this thing.’ They’re like, ‘You just came off the most successful TV show of the decade, can you hang on a minute?'”

She also sheds light on her fame that came with Game of Thrones. Although her fame was great for her at first, she later admits that she was bored with it. She continued:

“At the beginning, when I was young, I found it so exciting when people would stop me in the street. I was so excited just to be famous. But the years go by, and it gets less and less exciting.

Then you start to feel like you’re selling more of your private life, and you don’t have ownership over anything, and people want to exploit that. I was very lucky that I had so many people protecting me, and I have such a great support network of people.”

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