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Game Of Thrones Star Maisie Williams Explains How The World Can Be Changed For The Better

Game Of Thrones Star Maisie Williams Explains How The World Can Be Changed For The Better

On a recent Instagram post, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams uploaded a short video of the peaceful protests which takes place in the United Kingdom, and she penned down a bold statement about the recent racial discrimination incidents.

Many demonstrators flocked to the streets to raise their voices against police violence and racism. Plus, celebrities and many social media users are using their platforms for supporting the protests.

Today, Maisie headed to her Instagram page and made a call out to her followers by referring to the short video she shared. The video shows that a group of demonstrators protest the recent racial incident in the U.K.

In the statement, Maisie started her word by saying that she supported the Black Live Matter movement but didn’t want to make any statement before she understands everything.

She defended the idea that watching videos of police brutality made people desensitizes to the death of innocent black people. She said the truth must come out, and justice serves. She continued that clicking and watching the videos of police brutality would not solve the problem, and this was not enough for justice.

The 23-year-old actress stated that it’s not the time for white guilt or defensiveness, it’s time to be anti-racist. She urged followers to ask themselves how they want the world to change.

Here’s what Maisie Williams penned:

“The vibes were immaculate and this energy isn’t going away. As someone with a following, I felt a responsibility to post petitions, podcasts, and little snippets of knowledge for people to get involved with ‘Black Lives Matter’ this week. But to be quite honest, I just wanted to sit and read. I wanted to understand. I had nothing to say and everything to learn.

There are many sayings floating around right now like ‘I understand that I will never understand. yet I stand…’ And it’s poetic and lovely and it makes us feel nice. But what does it even mean? Watching hate crime video after police brutality video only desensitizes yourself to the death of innocent black people. It’s poison and it’s sadistic.

It’s important that the truth is revealed and justice is served. But clicking and watching a video like that will not solve the problem. It’s not enough to simply witness these atrocities, feel awful, and do nothing. It’s time to step away and look at yourself on the inside (and I’m talking to myself too).

Knowledge truly is power and if we’re always talking, we’re never learning. It’s time to be anti-racist. Now is not the time for white guilt or defensiveness. Ask yourself how you want the world to change. Then change it, starting with yourself and the people you love.”

An Instagram user nicknamed dreadmc commented and said:

“Time to be anti-racist and speak up.”

Another fan nicknamed marmitet0ast wrote:

“So proud to know you.”

Check out the Instagram post below.

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