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Game Of Thrones Star Maisie Williams Makes A Bold Statement About Her Embarrassing Photos

Game Of Thrones Star Maisie Williams Makes A Bold Statement About Her Embarrassing Photos

British actress Maisie Williams, who is known for her role as Arya Stark in Game Of Thrones, has uploaded an embarrassing photo of herself on the official Instagram account, making a bold statement for her embarrassing moments.

As we all know, many people post their most embarrassing photos on Instagram with the ‘until tomorrow‘ caption, and then those, who liked the photo, are also expected to share their most embarrassing photos. Then, you delete this embarrassing photo after 24 hours.

Maisie Williams joined this social media trend and posted a photo of herself which she thought is the most embarrassing moment.

In the caption of her photo, Maisie admitted that she thought most of her photos were embarrassing and broke her self-esteem. She said that she struggled with problems arising from her low self-esteem no matter how ordinary the picture.

In addition, the 22-year-old actress said she would leave this photo instead of deleting it after 24 hours to remind her how she looked.

Here’s what Maisie Williams stated:

“You’ve probably seen a lot of people posting a picture captioned ‘until tomorrow’ and basically I liked the one @jessybarden posted so I had to post an embarrassing picture of myself for 24hrs with no explanation.

To be quite honest I find most (all) pictures of myself embarrassing because I have really low self-esteem. So I posted this picture which for me highlights all of my insecurities and makes me feel pretty embarrassed.

Although you and I both know I could have found a picture that was far more embarrassing for me, the point is, I even struggle with a picture as ordinary as this.

I’m trying my absolute best to stop being like that because being mean to yourself is such a waste of time/life/energy so instead of deleting this after 24hrs, I’m gonna leave it up as a reminder to myself of how I really look and that it’s completely okay to look like this.

Thanks for all the nice comments, I was honestly pretty blown away. 2020 is for lifting yourself up💚💖”

An Instagram phenomenon named Olly commented:

“Omg can’t stop staring at this pic 😍”

Actress Jessica Barden said:

“You look cute though”

Peep the Instagram post below.

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