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Game Of Thrones Star Nathalie Emmanuel Makes A Crucial Coronavirus Statement

Game Of Thrones Star Nathalie Emmanuel Makes A Crucial Coronavirus Statement

Game of Thrones actress Nathalie Emmanuel, who is played Missandei in the series, has posted the new tweets on her verified Twitter account, making a crucial coronavirus statement.

As we all know, coronavirus is an extremely deadly virus, which is the majority in China, and spreads rapidly all over the world. The virus emerged in Wuhan, China late last year and has since infected more than 86.5k people.

In the statement, Nathalie discussed the sociological impact of the disease and Nathalie criticized those, who are discriminate Asian people due to the coronavirus, with really harsh words.

She said that she had received messages from many Asian followers, and they were excluded from society just because they were Asian although they were not ill. She added that she added that everyone must be kind to every person.

Here’s the tweet thread:

“Assuming someone has Coronavirus just because they are Asian is race-based discrimination. I have been hearing accounts of Asian people being refused taxis or being verbally abused in the street.

Not all Asians have been through areas affected by Corona… Non-Asian people have been traveling through affected areas too… and it is unlikely they are being treated in this way…”

She added:

“Let’s not let fear make us forget logic and kindness.

Everyone should be taking precautions… washing your hands, wearing masks, not touching your face, etc… Racism shouldn’t be one of them.”

A Twitter fan named Dan commented and said:

“These are probably the same people that refuse to drink Corona beer.”

Another fan wrote:

“That’s actually disgusting. What is the world coming to? Why can’t people just?”

Check out Twitter posts below.

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