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George Clooney On George Floyd’s Death: “This Is Our Pandemic”

George Clooney On George Floyd’s Death: “This Is Our Pandemic”

Actor George Clooney penned a powerful statement for American news and opinion website called ‘The Daily Beast’ that was titled, ‘George Clooney: America’s Greatest Pandemic Is Anti-Black Racism.’

In the published article, the 59-year-old actor expressed his thoughts and opinions on the recent nationwide protests, and also defended the systemic change in American law enforcement and in the American criminal justice system.

Clooney described racism as the pandemic of the U.S. and said that it’s a disease that no one has found treatment for. He stated:

“This is our pandemic. It infects all of us, and in 400 years we’ve yet to find a vaccine. It seems we’ve stopped even looking for one and we just try to treat the wound on an individual basis. And we sure haven’t done a very good job of that.”

He continued:

“So this week, as we’re wondering what it’s going to take to fix these seemingly insurmountable problems, just remember we created these issues so we can fix them. There is only one way in this country to bring lasting change: Vote.”

The actor also addressed the recent protests across the nation. He remembered that George Floyd’s death was similar to the death of Eric Garner, who killed in 2014. The two late black men had pleaded to the police by yelling that reads ‘I can’t breathe.’ He said:

“Is it 1992? Did we just hear a jury tell us that the white cops that we watched on tape hundreds of times beating Rodney King weren’t guilty of their obvious crimes? Is it 2014, when Eric Garner was executed for selling cigarettes by a white cop who strangled him as we watched? His words “I can’t breathe” forever etched into our minds.”

How many times have we seen people of color killed by police? Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Laquan McDonald. There is little doubt that George Floyd was murdered. We watched as he took his last breath at the hands of four police officers. Now we see another defiant reaction to the systemic cruel treatment of a portion of our citizens like we saw in 1968, 1992, and 2014.

The anger and the frustration we see playing out once again in our streets is just a reminder of how little we’ve grown as a country from our original sin of slavery. The fact that we aren’t actually buying and selling other human beings anymore is not a badge of honor. We need systemic change in our law enforcement and in our criminal justice system.”

George added:

“We need policymakers and politicians that reflect basic fairness to all of their citizens equally. Not leaders that stoke hatred and violence as if the idea of shooting looters could ever be anything less than a racial dog whistle. Bull Connor was more subtle.”

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