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George Clooney On The Theme Of ‘Isolation’ And How Relevant ‘The Midnight Sky’ Is With Today

George Clooney On The Theme Of ‘Isolation’ And How Relevant ‘The Midnight Sky’ Is With Today

Famous actor George Clooney, who turned into everyone’s dream friend with a gift of $ 14 Million to his close friends, completed his first and new sci-fi Netflix production ‘The Midnight Sky‘ during the pandemic period and shared details from his movie that will be released on December 23.

In the movie “The Midnight Sky”, George Clooney also plays the character of Augustine, as well as directing. Another actress in the movie is Felicity Jones and she portrays the astronaut, Sully. The film is based on the novel Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton.

It tells the story of Augustine, who is a lonely scientist in the Arctic, in a post-apocalyptic era and he tries to stop Sully and her fellow astronauts from returning home to a mysterious global catastrophe.

The theme of isolation and apocalyptic scenes are very relevant in today’s world but George Clooney states that they had no idea what was going to happen. George Clooney also gives an important hint about the film that it is not a big bang movie and it’s not that kind of sci-fi where the world gets destroyed.

George Clooney explained that the shootings of the film finished mid-February and they had to go into isolation and through the course of time the isolation grew and people started to talk by video calls instead of meeting at an event. Clooney describes the isolation as the inability to communicate, to touch and be close to one another and that feeling of loss.

And finally, in the postproduction of the movie, Clooney stated that he tried to lean more into the isolation storyline and he revealed that unfortunately the movie became relevant and it wasn’t something they could have foreseen.

Here’s what he stated:

“Yeah. Things changed. There were a couple of things. When I was pitching sort of my take on it with Netflix, I said, look, this isn’t a big bang movie.

This is a meditation and there’s some good action set pieces but in general this is a conversation about if you play out all of this hatred that we see, not just in the United States, all around the world between all of these sort of authoritarian leaders, and you play that out for the next 30 years, that it’s not that all inconceivable.

It’s not impossible. It’s not science fiction that we could destroy the world. That was sort of the pitch and that’s sort of what we were paying attention to.

We finished shooting mid-February and then immediately were sent into isolation and bit by bit it became really clear that what we were talking about now was how you and I talk instead of meeting at an event, or how you talk to your family now or not being able to go home for Thanksgiving.

It becomes about this isolation and this inability to communicate in the way that we want, and an inability to touch and be close to one another and that feeling of loss and coming to terms with it.

As we went through the film, as I was in the postproduction part, I certainly leaned more into that storyline as we went because I got into editing to make sure that we were able to discuss these kind of things in cinema. It’s certainly, unfortunately, timely. That wasn’t in any way something we could have foreseen.”

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