Giancarlo Esposito Says ‘He’s Preparing To Bring Fans His Most Monstrous Villain Yet’

Giancarlo Esposito, who plays the drug lord Gus Fring, the villain of Breaking Bad and its prequel Better Call Saul, promoted Far Cry 6 with a great video.

As you know, Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus Fring is known as one of the most monstrous villains in television history. Now Esposito aims to bring the most monstrous villain in video gaming history to his fans.

In a new video he shared on Twitter, Esposito takes the lead role in Far Cry 6 as president Antón Castillo, the dictator of the small fictional island nation of Yara.

The actor enters the video by introducing himself and says that he intends to bring his most monstrous villain ever to Far Cry fans. Also talking about the content of the video game, Esposito said that Far Cry 6 will be released on October 7.

Here’s what Giancarlo Esposito said:

“I know a thing or two about villains, and I think you’re REALLY going to like this one. Antón and I look forward to facing you all in @FarCryGame October 7th!! Are you ready? #FarCry6.”

See the Twitter post below.

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