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Gigi Hadid Has A Real Struggle She Couldn’t Resist In Her Pregnancy

Gigi Hadid Has A Real Struggle She Couldn’t Resist In Her Pregnancy

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has given some details about her pregnancy on Twitter and mentioned a real struggle she couldn’t resist in her pregnancy.

After Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik started dating again, the supermodel announced that she is expecting a child while spending time at her mother, Yolanda Foster’s farm, during the coronavirus pandemic. A few weeks prior, she shared the adorable photos of herself and showed her growing baby bump clearly.

The 25-year-old model jumped to Twitter to mention a struggle in her pregnancy. She did not hide her happiness that there is the company’s national shipping, making it clear that she could not resist the Sprinkles brand’s cupcakes.

Here is Gigi’s tweet:

“Pregnancy is real when u order nationally shipped Sprinkles to be delivered to yourself.”

She also added a new thread in her tweet and said:

“Do I have to defrost the whole box right when I get it or can I defrost them one by one to make them last longer?”

A die-hard fan commented and said:

“Each notification gives me a heart attack because I always think the child is born. I’ mma die for before knowing her name.”

Another fan stated:

“Awwww, stay safe, enjoy your cupcakes, haha.”

Check out the tweets below.

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