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Glee Star Chris Colfer Exposes A Little-Known Thing About Naya Rivera

Glee Star Chris Colfer Exposes A Little-Known Thing About Naya Rivera

Glee series, which has brought a new dimension to musical series, has a story about the young people who decide to join the music club in their high school life, the teachers, their lives, and the conflicts between those against them.

Chris Colfer, one of the stars of the series, recently mentioned an unknown talent about his co-star Naya Rivera. Colfer was one of the glee club’s original members, and Rivera was the cheerleader-turned-glee member Santana Lopez. They appeared together for all six seasons.

Unfortunately, the Glee team suffered a huge loss last summer because of Naya Rivera drowning accident. As you might remember, she went on a boat trip with his son and was later searched for days, but her son was found alone on the boat in Lake Piru, California. A few days later, Naya’s lifeless body was found in the lake. Following the sad terrible, Glee fans and actors were all devastated, and they still continue to remember and share their memories of her.

One of them is Chris Colfer. In an interview with ‘E!’s Daily Pop,’ Colfer explained that Rivera’s secret talent was her impressions. Explaining that she was very talented in using her gestures, the actress said that Rivera could make everyone happy and laugh if they were in a bad mood.

Here’s what she said:

“A lot of people probably don’t know this. But Naya had the most incredible impressions and she was always, always ready to give you one if you were in a bad mood.”

“There was one, in particular, that would always make me belly laugh whenever I needed one. It might not be what people expect: She had this one of Kim Kardashian on jury duty.”

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