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Goldie Hawn Opens Up About Her Bizarre Costume Decision For Mrs. Claus In The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2

Goldie Hawn Opens Up About Her Bizarre Costume Decision For Mrs. Claus In The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2

Goldie Hawn most recently starred with her real-life partner Kurt Russell in the Netflix movie Christmas Chronicles: Part 2, which reflects the spirit of Christmas very well and they played the characters of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

In these difficult days when special days cannot be celebrated as before, this film made everyone happy because it has an energy that makes people feel hope and joy. People really want to watch films that are not so tiring, they just want to watch a movie in a warm blanket which makes oneself feel nice and safe.

In their recent interview with ‘Screen Rant’ to promote their movie, Goldie Hawn explained how Mrs. Claus’s character was chosen and why they chose to make a more fashionable version.

According to Goldie Hawn’s statements, Kurt Russell asked her to play the character of Mrs. Claus and they immediately started talking about how the costume would be. Russell also made the decision on the costume and suggested that Mrs. Claus should wear clothes that look more chic and fashionable instead of loose clothes.

Everything from the boots to the coat of the Mrs. Claus character was carefully thought out, and even the stitching of the coat was all hand-done. So this is the first time Mrs. Claus has been expressed in such a modern well-dressed way in a movie, and the result also made Goldie Hawn very happy.

Here’s what she stated:

“Oh my God, how funny! Let me tell you a story. Kurt really wanted me to do Mrs. Claus. They both did, I guess, but just at the very very end of the first one.

I said, “Okay, sure,” but they had to get me a costume, right? They designed the costume, but who designed it mostly and wanted it a certain way was Kurt Russell.

He designed, for the most part… They did a rendition and made it gorgeous and whatever, but he (Kurt) wanted it to have tight pants; he didn’t want loose pants. He wanted the great boots. He had to approve the boots.

We had the sweater, which they bought, which was great, and then the jacket was very important, that it cinched in the waist and was buckled up, and he worked it, right? Nobody saw Mrs. Claus like that, it was way off-beat.

But the style he wanted to show was someone who was more modern and a little bit chic. I couldn’t have been happier! I don’t want to get into big balloon pants and whatever, a robe.

So that was how it started. Then, when the second one came, which I had no idea was gonna come, they designed this gorgeous coat.”

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