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Gucci Mane Breaks Silence About His Radio Ban For The First Time

Gucci Mane Breaks Silence About His Radio Ban For The First Time

The 39-year-old rapper Gucci Mane was the latest guest on The Breakfast Club in a rare interview with Everyday Struggle to talk about his radio ban, his gargantuan catalog, and his favorite albums.

Mane started his words with the radio blocking his music. He said:

“I don’t think they ever used the word ban. They just declined the interview. Everytime I dropped an album, they’d say ‘we decline to interview. We deny the request.’ No matter how many times the label reached out, they declined it. It happened so many times I was like, am I banned from up there?

Basically, every time we say hey, Gucci wanna come up here, the album coming out, they always decline. They say they don’t feel comfortable, they don’t trust me. That’s what she said. Man, she’s just a hater. Blowing this out of proportion, it’s not a big deal. I’m a happily married man.”

He said that he didn’t like the idea that people had a private conversation about him, so he decided to make it public. He continued:

“Don’t ban me from nothing, what is this segregation? You going to tell me what water fountain to go to?”

Gucci Mane also explained which of his top five favorite albums. He said:

“I went back to the trap, to the streets like damn the rap gameI made that CD when I was trappin’…I quit the rap game, went to the streets, and made a mixtape: “Trap House”, “Chicken Talk”, “The State Vs Radric Davis”, “Diary Of A Trap God”,  and “Free Bricks” with Future.”

You can watch the full interview below.


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