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Hailee Steinfeld Stuns Fans With Her Mother Look-Alike Photo

Hailee Steinfeld Stuns Fans With Her Mother Look-Alike Photo

One of the youngest actresses in Hollywood, Hailee Steinfeld, has posted a new photo on her official Instagram account and celebrated the birthday of her mother, Cheri Steinfeld, with a touching letter.

If you look at this post, Hailee said that this photo of her mom from when she was Hailee’s age and mesmerized fans with her mother look-alike younghood photo. 

In the letter, Steinfeld points out how her mother looked fearless and powerful in the photo. She described her as the most incredible woman in the world and thanked her for always having a positive impact on her life.

Here’s what Hailee Steinfeld stated:

“I look at this photo of my mom from when she was my age and think about how fearless and strong she is. How beautiful, creative and bad-ass she is. How at that point she would soon be married to the love of her life and have the most amazing son and soon after a daughter.

How she would then spend the next few decades becoming the world’s most incredible woman and mother. thank you for always being my light. my confidant. my forever inspiration. I love you, mama. The happiest birthday to you.”

A fan named lyleelou11 commented and said:

“Twins! So gorgeous.”

Another fan named steinfeldsstyle wrote:

“Omg you guys look so alike 😭”

See the Instagram post below.

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