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Halsey Explains Why She Shaved Her Head Bald, And There’s An Interesting Reason

Halsey Explains Why She Shaved Her Head Bald, And There’s An Interesting Reason

American singer and songwriter Halsey revealed the main reason why she changed her look suddenly by responding to a fans’ question about her bald head.

The beautiful singer decided to cut her hair that had grown for years and shaved her hair bald. She surprised all of her fans by posting a close-up selfie on Instagram. As you might see in the photo, she showed her head blad. While some of her fans loved the new style of her, some said she would miss her beautiful braids.

Here’s how she announced her new hairstyle on Instagram:

“Just in time 4 beanie weather 😃”

Afterward, Halsey took to Twitter to respond to her fans’ questions about her radical change. Before responding to the questions of fans, she declared her love for being head bald.

She tweeted:

“I love be bald.”

Then, a Twitter user named Heather asked whether she had a special reason to change her style. She wrote:

“Did you go bald for a specific reason like the TV show or just felt like it?”

In response to that fan’s question, she said she wanted to see how healthy she would stay by growing her hair longer, and promised herself that she would cut it when her hair is getting worse. She also added that she missed being bald.

Here’s what Halsey said:

“I was growing it out for so long and I told myself I wouldn’t shave it till I saw what it was like healthy and long and then I saw it healthy and long and said “mm this is nice but I miss bald.” and then so I did it!”

See the Twitter post below.

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