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Halsey Makes An Unexpected Overweight Confession In Isolation

Halsey Makes An Unexpected Overweight Confession In Isolation

Pop singer Halsey has shared a new photo of herself on her official Instagram page and admitted something about the changes in her body.

As you might see in the photo, Halsey showed off her natural face with no makeup while lying in her bed, and she was doing nothing.

On the other hand, she captioned that she gained extra weight and said that she felt like a ‘dumpling.’ She probably doesn’t exercise during the quarantine, but if you check out her other Instagram posts, she still looks fit although she feels fat.

This snap has collected more than 1.1 million likes in a short time and most of the followers stopped in the comment section to motive her, the others praised her perfect beauty.

Here’s the caption:

“🥟 I feel like a dumpling”

American model Amber Rose commented and said:

“Beautiful 😍”

An Instagram user named jaymieeleigh_ wrote:

“You’re so gorgeous.”

See the Instagram photo below.

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