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Halsey Responds To An Internet User Who Mocks Her Bald Head

Halsey Responds To An Internet User Who Mocks Her Bald Head

Pop singer and songwriter Halsey shaved her hair after a radical decision and has been getting some reaction from fans for a while. Recently, she responded to an internet user who mocks her bald head.

Halsey has been resting and enjoying her vacation for a while. As you remember, she visited Turkey after learning that she had Turkish genes. During her time there she decided to cut her long gorgeous braids and shaved her hair completely.

Her sudden change shocked her fans, but many fans expressed she loved this new style. However, she also had fans who made fun of her style. A Twitter user named Janis said the high-quality photos of Halsey are hilarious because her hair looks pretty funny.

Here’s what the fan wrote:

“Those edited HD photos of Halsey are so funny because her hair looks ridiculous lensjsjsjs it looks like someone glued strands of dog hair on her head please leave them lq I’m gonna bust a lung”

Halsey jumped on Twitter to reply to Janis and blamed Remini, a famous photo editing app, for her look. The beautiful singer claimed that this app is the reason her hair and face look different.

Here’s what Halsey said:

“The Remini needs to stop. Out here making my hair crazy, my face a diff color then my neck and my teeth like chiclets”

Check out the Twitter post below.

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