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Halsey Reveals What Hurts Her These Days And Says To Fans: ‘At Least I Have You’

Halsey Reveals What Hurts Her These Days And Says To Fans: ‘At Least I Have You’

The singer, Halsey, made candid statements on her Twitter account about how she felt recently. As an introvert, she shared with her fans that her distance with people gradually increased and her social circle started to shrink, but at least she was happy with the presence of her fans.

While Halsey recently attributed the shrinkage of her social environment sometimes because of physical reasons and sometimes because of moral differences, she said that she knows that everything happens for a good reason no matter what, despite her pity, she expressed that she has hope in life thanks to her fans.

Even if people sometimes have to put some distance between them and the people they love and find close, for reasons beyond their control, they need to be aware that such situations are sometimes for their own good. Halsey is aware of this and is very happy to be with her fans.

Here is the tweet of Halsey:

“This time in the world has forced a distance between myself and people I used to lean on. Whether it’s physical separation or the abrupt blow of moral differences, I feel my surroundings shrinking. I know it is for good reason. But it hurts sometimes. At least I have You “

Besides, Halsey explained in another tweet that she felt better and safer while performing on stage because the people who already loved her bought tickets and came there willingly. While socializing, she worries about being hated because she doesn’t know whether the other person will love her or not and this can be a nightmare for an introvert.

Here’s Halsey’s other tweet:

“I think performing and socializing feel very different to me. I’m in complete control when I’m performing. Plus I already know everyone likes me cause they bought a ticket. Lmao, so there’s no overwhelming anxiety of being hated. It’s introvert heaven.”

Check out the tweets below.

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