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Here Are The Favorite ‘Future Kim Wexler’ Theories For The ‘Better Call Saul’ Final Season

Here Are The Favorite ‘Future Kim Wexler’ Theories For The ‘Better Call Saul’ Final Season

Better Call Saul is a sequel to how a lawyer, whose real name is Jimmy McGill, evolved into his character in Breaking Bad and what his life was like before. We can say that Saul Goodman is describing his life before he met Jesse Pinkman and Walter White.

Also, almost every character that appears in Breaking Bad also appears in Better Call Saul. But apart from a name, Kim Wexler. We are familiar with the character of Rhea Seehorn in the series. But why didn’t Wexler appear in Breaking Bad and what will happen to her?

There are many rumors on the internet about the future of Kim Wexler. Some think she will die, some think she will leave Jimmy, and there are many theories.

The official and verified Instagram page of Better Call Saul enlisted the help of fans to search for an answer to these theories, and many people started sharing their favorite theories about Kim Wexler’s future.

Among the many hilarious comments, the number of people who think she is going to die is huge. Some say she will go her own way.

Here are the comments of the fans about the future of Kim Wexler:

The Instagram page captioned:

“We’re not here to confirm, deny, or start rumors, but we’re curious: what’s your favorite ‘future Kim’ theory?”

A fan nicknamed __noureldin___ commented and said:

“Kim becomes ‘Slippin Kimmya'”

Another fan named Chris wrote:

“She turns into Wendy from BB.”

An Instagram user named Matty has a more serious theory:

“She dies trying to free Jimmy from the cartel. but Jimmy never knows she died because she makes it seem like she just left Jimmy because she’s always having to save him.”

Another comment made by a fan showed:

“Vacuum guy gives her a new identity and that’s how jimmy knows vacuum guy could also work for nacho and/or his dad.”

We hide the funniest comment to the last. A user named Alp jokingly claimed that Kim was actually Heisenberg:

“Kim is Heisenberg.”

See the Instagram post and comments below.

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