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Here’s How Bryan Cranston Takes Everyone Back To The ‘Breaking Bad’ Days With A Simple Post

Here’s How Bryan Cranston Takes Everyone Back To The ‘Breaking Bad’ Days With A Simple Post

With the role of Walter White aka Heisenberg in the TV series Breaking Bad, Emmy award-winning actor Bryan Cranston shared a new post on his Instagram account to promote his new drama, Your Honor.

Your Honor is a series adapted from the Israeli TV series ‘Kvodo’ and is about a civil lawsuit in New Orleans. Starring in the series, Bryan Cranston plays a judge whose son is involved in crime. After years of trying to maintain justice, the man puts himself in a difficult position to protect his son after being involved in a crime. The 10-episode series is directed by screenwriter Peter Moffat.

Your Honor, which will be released on December 6, can be watched on Showtime. With the release date of the movie approaching, Cranston posted a trailer of the series on his Instagram account. The 64-year-old actor wrote the following in the title of the post.

Here’s what Bryan Cranston captioned:

“How far would you go to save your child?”

On the other hand, Cranston’s new post took his fans back to the Breaking Bad days and they claimed he was still acting like Walter White. The main reason fans think this way is that he portrays a father who does everything for his family in Your Honor. Likewise, he was doing all the bad things he did for his family in Breaking Bad.

A fan named Erick commented:

“Everything he does …he does for his family.”

Another fan named Dev said:

“When you are still in Heisenberg form.”

See the Instagram post below.

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