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Here’s How Jim Carrey Had Touched Life Of A Fan Who Her Father Is A Meth Cook

Here’s How Jim Carrey Had Touched Life Of A Fan Who Her Father Is A Meth Cook

A Jim Carrey fan shared a tweet about how the iconic comedian touched her life and indirectly empowered her in the fan’s toughest times. Also, the actor was not indifferent to his fan’s tweet.

A Twitter user named Jesse Easton took to Twitter to share what hse thinks about the novel ‘Memoirs and Misinformation’ written by Jim Carrey and Dana Vachon. She wrote:

“Memoirs And Misinformation by Jim Carrey & Dana Vachon was everything I needed it to be. In the absurd I found truth. Set in the center of greed, ego, political bullshit & the wildfires, I’m now thinking that it was somewhat prophetic. I’m just waiting for the aliens to show up.⁣”

Jim Carrey replied to his fan’s tweet and emphasized the purpose of the book. He tweeted:

“This is just what we were hoping for.”

After Jim Carrey shared his fan’s tweet, the fan was delighted and talked about the difficult times she had when she was a child. She took herself to the past and remembered that she was scared when her father was cooking meth at home and her mother was in prison. But, watching the films of her childhood hero, Jim Carrey, she said she felt like she had a friend with her. She wrote:

“When your childhood (& adulthood) hero retweets you—cue Turuncu kalp exploding. When Dad was cooking meth in our home & Mom was in prison & I was so fucking scared, it was Jim Carrey who got me thru my lonely nights of insomnia. I’d watch his films & feel like I had a friend in the world.”

Jim Carrey was touched by this message and sent his love to the fan. He wrote:

“It warms me in the deepest place of my heart to know that my presence and my work/fun have helped you endure such painful and difficult challenges Jessy. I wish you so much, love. Pain gives birth to compassionate souls.”

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