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Here’s What Rihanna Said About LeBron James After Lakers’ NBA Championship

Here’s What Rihanna Said About LeBron James After Lakers’ NBA Championship

Rihanna is known as one of the NBA’s greatest admirers and she is also a huge LeBron James fan. Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Finals series 4-2, beating the Miami Heat 106-93 and became the champion for the 17th time. Although Rihanna could not be next to the players, as a fan, due to the pandemic, she posted a virtual celebration video via her Instagram account and showed that she stands by her team under all circumstances.

The last time the Lakers were NBA champions was in 2010 with the late Kobe Bryant. One of the most unfortunate events of 2020 was the tragic death of the legend with his daughter in a helicopter crash. The Lakers players, especially LeBron James, expressed that their only wish was to achieve this success for Kobe and they presented the championship to him.

The biggest fan of the famous basketball player is undoubtedly Rihanna, who admires James so much that she has been the cause of various rumors because of her previous posts.

Rihanna referred to LeBron James as “The King” and referred to him as “Bae.” Also, she shared a sensational photo of LeBron James’ jersey number on her body and tagged the basketball player in the picture.

Rihanna has been the number one spectator at most NBA games over the years and it is no secret that she is a huge basketball fan. She celebrated this huge win with a video she shared in her Instagram account.

She was wearing a Lakers jersey and she was holding balloons cheering and singing ‘We Are The Champions‘ by Queen. Rihanna said ‘bye-bye‘ to Miami and celebrated the success of her team to the full extent.

Here’s what she said:

“If you ain’t on this time right now … bye. Lebron remains king 💪🏿 Lakers are the champs 💜💛 and Kobe is proud 🙏🏿 A.D thank you! # 🏆 #Congratulations”

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